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Electronics and Communication Engineering


The Department of Electronics and communication engineering was established in 1995. The department has the constructive and valuable guidance of the management, ECE department has been making an all round progress. The ECE department has well experienced & qualified Faculties and eleven well equipped and furnished laboratories. We are accredited by ISO, NBA, NAAC and AICTE.


  1. To motivate the Graduates to be successful in the professional practice of engineering or other related fields. They will obtain employment appropriate to their background, interests, and education and will advance in their career field.
  2. Graduates will engage in life-long learning; e.g., advanced education/degrees, professional development activities, and/or other career-appropriate options.
  3. Graduates who are employed within engineering fields will demonstrate technical competence, such as identifying, formulating, analyzing, and creating engineering solutions using appropriate current engineering techniques, skills, and tools.
  4. As appropriate to their professional or educational positions, graduates will
    • Effectively communicate technical information in multiple formats,
    • Function effectively on teams,
    • Develop and apply electrical/computer engineering solutions within global, societal, and environmental contexts.


To develop the department as a centre of excellence in Electronics and Communication Engineering and to make the student’s blossom into meritorious and self disciplined engineers by hard works, so that they are useful to the society at large, to which they are obliged.


  • To grow the committed group of competent teachers striving for excellence in both teaching and research activities.
  • To infuse scientific temper in the students and guide them to do researches.
  • To develop collaborative research and development linkages with leading organizations.
  • To develop rural students with innovative and simple instructional materials.


  • Our quality policy is to continuously strive for over-all development of the ECE department and the students. Our policy is to provide best inputs to the students and to develop them to imbibe the spirit of professionalism, dedication & commitment.
  • To make it work for everybody in organization, the quality policy is implemented in ECE departments as well as administrative block. When a person/student joins the organization he is made aware of the quality policy of the institution. Head of the department review the output of the efforts made by teachers every month & deviations from the parameters of the policy are identified. For Guest Lectures eminent personalities are invited to the college to enhance confidence, commitment & skills of the teachers/students.
  • Opening new avenues of success, leadership, achievement and career building with strong industry institution interaction.
  • Emphasizing an all round development of personality of students so as to prepare them to undertake bigger challenges and responsibilities as a successful professional.


To achieve 100% Placement to the students.

To improve the infrastructure to achieve R&D activities in full swing.

To establish a product development center.

To undertake Research and Development works in leading technologies by forging alliance with various research organizations and industries.


  • Encouraging faculty members to do Ph.D. program.
  • Organizing conferences and seminars.
  • Crafting a research center to facilitate the faculty members to pursue their higher studies leading to the doctoral degrees.
  • To continue to organize annual student level seminars / paper presentations / project exhibitions for the benefit of the students at large.
  • To get sponsorships from organizations for students and faculty projects.


No. Date Topic Organized with
1 Every Academic Year ECE Related subjects. EVERONN Systems Limited.
2 Every Academic Year English BEC of British council
3 Aug 2012 Placement and training RANDSTAD, HR Management solutions


S.No Module Description Any other Contributory Inst./Industry Developed /
Organized by
Duration Target Year
1 Faculty Development Programme Anna university Dept. of ECE 7 Days 100 18-24 Nov 2013
2 Tech Talk on Computer Networks e-sat association Dept. of ECE 1 Day 150 20.01.2014
3 Industrial Visit for Third Years NO Dept. of ECE 1 Day 132 07.02.2014
4 National Level conference on VLSI and Signal Processing NO Dept. of ECE 1 Day 350 20.02.2014
5 Industrial Visit for Second Years NO Dept. of ECE 1 Day 132 28.02.2014
6 One day Workshop on MATLAB e-sat association & ISTE Dept. of ECE 1 Day 150 14.03.2014