In addition to a stellar faculty, Arunai is known for attracting the brightest students from across Tamil Nadu. Arunai students have the highest average entering grades in Tamil Nadu and our commitment to fostering the very best has helped our students win more national and international awards on average than their peers at Anna University, Chennai. The ability to balance academic excellence with the extracurricular is another hallmark of the Arunai student. In addition to a rich athletic tradition that includes many Olympians and the birth of Cricket and football, thousands of Arunai students participate in the hundreds of clubs, associations and community groups that enrich Montreal and contribute to a vibrant campus life.

We believe a lifelong relationship exists between alumni and the college. - We recognize the importance of higher education to the development of society. - We believe that quality and accessibility are essential if the college is to fulfill its mission of teaching, research and community service. - We believe that alumni must contribute actively to the development of the college, and that this may include challenging the college' vision itself. - We acknowledge we are a caring organization, in our service to the membership, the college and the broader community.

Something of great concern for all parents when their children are in the process of deciding whether to go to university or college is how much will it cost? In recent years, the area of student finance is one that has received most attention, whether students are considering staying locally for their degree program (either locally to home, or in the same country or state) Arunai ensures that you have the information you need to help your student which will make an important academic and life choices. This Institution continually evolves as a helpful resource for parents and families of Arunai students.

Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam - Former President of India.
Depute to visit Arunai Engineering College, Tiruvannamalai. Excellent wishes and my greetings to Mr.Velu Chairman of the institution and his team.

Prof.N.Balakrishnan - Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
Privileged to visit such an institution created out of dedication of its founders. I wish Mr.Velu and his team all the very best.

Dr.S.Karunanidhi - Professor & Head, Dept. of Psycology,
University of Madras, Chennai-5
Very Much inspired by the college infrastructure and students. This institution will be a role model for other institution. I wish all success.

Prof.S.N.Hegde - Vice-Chancellor, University of Mysore, Mysore.
A progressive institution of considerable promise of quality and excellence.

Dr.S.Selvakumar - Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, REC-Tiruchirappalli.
Beautiful Campus for a better learning with dedicated teachers, motivated management and disciplined students.

Dr.E.Balagursamy - Former Vice-Chancellor, Anna University, Chennai.
Excellent institute and excellent function. Wishing u all great success.

Prof.R.Natarajan - Chairman, AICTE - New Delhi.
I am very happy to come to your college for the second time – to inaugurate your "National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Communication and Networks". It is a great opportunity for your students and faculty to share their knowledge in there areas. Congratulations!

Prof.Harvey Houng - Advisor, Environmental Protection Administration, Taiwan
This is my second time to India. It has never stopped amazing me for what I have seen. Especially this time, right after the tsunami disaster, I can really feel the strength and perseverance of Indian people's. I am also impressed by the facilities in the AEC.

Prof D.Viswannathan - Former Vice-Chancellor, Anna University, Chennai.
I am delighted to see the international quality infrastructure for our students. The chairman is a great visionary and his dream of quality of education provider in the country. I think this institute may be playing as role for other institution in the country. I wish all the best.

Dr.V.Ramachandran - Former Vice-Chancellor, Anna University, Tiruchirappalli.
AEC is a good college and today I am able to see and feel it moves towards excellence.

Dr. Kenatro Toyama - Assitant Manging Director, Microsoft Research India.
Thank You for inviting me to Insyder'08 whose theme is very close to my heart. I look forward to a wonderful programme.

Dr. P.Mannar Jawahar - Former Vice-Chancellor, Anna University, Chennai.
The Library facilities are excellent.

Arunai Group of Institutions:

Saraswathi Ammal Educational Trust, established at an auspicious moment in the year 1991, with the primary objective of rendering selfless, dedicated and yeomen service to cause of higher education originally in the field of Engineering and subsequently in the field of all branches, Management, Arts, Science, Polytechnic and School and has added feather after feather to its Cap. Its educational service to the poor underprivileged and downtrodden in the society is freely accessed and widely appreciated by the people, especially from Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh. Over the period of nearly two decades, it has established and patronized a number of prestigious Educational Institutions, all of which have grown to the stature of being accredited with NBA, NAAC and ISO 9001:20008 certification by the International Certification Services.

The following Institutions are gems of Arunai Engineering College,

S.No Name Of the Institutions  Year of Establishment
1. Arunai College of Engineeing 2001
2. Kumaran Polytechnic College 1996
3. Kamban Arts and Science College 1995
4. Jeeva Velu Residential School 1999