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Mechanical Engineering


1. Preparation

  • To prepare well-formed and successful Mechanical Engineers capable of becoming leaders in their profession.

2. Core Competence

  • To apply sound knowledge in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals required to solve engineering problems.

3. Breadth

  • To carry out basic and applied research leading to new ideas, systems and devices in Mechanical engineering and interdisciplinary areas.

4. Professionalism

  • To inculcate in students professional and ethical attitude, effective communication skills, teamwork skills, multidisciplinary approach, written ethical codes & guidelines and an ability to relate engineering issues to broader social context.

5. Learning Environment

  • To provide with an academic environment of excellence, leadership and guidelines for life-long learning needed for a successful career.


  • To produce multi – skilled, ethical Mechanical Engineering with Global perspectives and national ethos.
  • To serve the needs of the Indian and International Industries.
  • To impart training and Technology transfer appropriate to the rural areas and Industries.


  • Providing suitable teaching methods and adequate high quality focused education in thrust areas of Mechanical Engineering like energy, newer material, CAE, etc.,
  • Training in problem solving, assisting in analytical skills and developing technical competence with practical exposure to the student to meet the challenges of new millennium.


No. Date Name and Address of the Speaker Topic
1 13.08.12 Mr. A. Udhayakumar, Scientist E – II, Material Science Division, National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore Product Design
2 29.08.11 Mr. Belur S. Anand, Director, Ansys India inc., Bangalore  


No. Date Topic Organized By / With
1 March Ist Week “FORGE-13” Mechanical Engineering Student’s Association