AEC Infrastructure

Arunai Gateway

AEC has a well equipped centralized computer center to cater to the needs of high profile students and faculty in the college. It is housed, in a magnificent state-of-the-art building having specialized laboratories to provide variety of platforms and computing environment for UG, PG and research students. The center possesses a number of servers and over 400 Intel Core 2 Duo computer systems.

The center is fully networked through high-end intelligent switch, and possesses round the clock 100 Mbps leased line, Wi-Fi connectivity for the academic, administrative and hostel blocks of the campus, with internet facilities on all the nodes. It also has the latest versions of compilers, scientific, technical and engineering software, training kits etc. for the students of different branches of engineering.

Computer programming is an integral part of BE/B.Tech/ME/MCA/PhD programs. Besides computer center is also used for conduct of short term training programs for staff and students. Further computer center houses CISCO Local Academy with licensed equipments made available to all the faculty and students.

AEC Campus Wide Networks - Present Setup

AEC presently has around 1077 computers connected as a LAN providing internet access (100 Mbps) and programming facilities to all software related laboratories of all the departments of the college, predominantly COE and all departments.

The academic buildings/library/administrative blocks and all the hostels of AEC are interconnected using Wi-Fi with limited number of access points. The Administrative Block, Training and Placement Block, Convocation Hall and Library are also connected via CAT5 cables.


The College library is located in a spacious new building of 1260 Sq. ft. The library is open to students and staff members from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. on all working days. The library has a rich collection of around 41,706 volumes of text books, 18,765 volumes of titles, 4099 Project Report, reference books, national and international journals in all branches of Engineering, Science, Technology, Management and General Studies, and the collection is ever increasing. The books are classified according to Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. Open access system is followed in the library.

Periodicals Section

The library has separate periodicals section and subscribes 234 Journals of which 110 International and 124 National Journals, 219 E-Journals. The library receives regularly Journals, News letters from following organizations and societies and provides the staff and students latest information's in technical education, research and development activities.

Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)


The College library subscribes to following E-Journals: IEEE, ASME, IEL and collectively having 219 E-Journals

Reference Section

The reference section of the library has rich collection of International editions of reference books, hand books, conference proceedings, encyclopedias and various reference documents.

Back Volumes

4601 - Back volumes of journals have been neatly bounded and categorized under their respective subjects for reference.

Digital Library

The Digital Library provides online resources for students interested in Computer Assisted Learning.

Electronic Library

The Electronic Library section now has a rich collection of more than 3199 CD-ROMs, 22 Audio Cassettes, 51 Video Cassettes.

Institutional Membership

The college is an institutional member of the IEL, DELNET, ISTE to facilitate the staff and students.

Online Public Access Catalogue

The library is equipped with computerised Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) for searching availability of books and CD-ROMs. Barcode system is followed in all transactions.


Photocopying facility is available in the library. Nominal charge is collected for photocopying service.

Residential Services

Moving away from home to study, is an exciting time in life. There are new friends to be made, new places to discover and the chance to develop many view interests.

College has four hostels in all

As a new entrant to the college, the first year are guaranteed a separate hostel (kalaingnar Mens Hostel),

The Second year students are housed at Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Hostel, the Third year students at the New Mens Hostel and the Final year students at Thanthai Periyar Hostel.

Girls have a private, secluded and secure hostel (Mother Theresa Women's Hostel).

A team of wardens and residential tutors take utmost care in providing the parental guidance. The Hostels are large enough to have a diverse feel with a great mixture of students - yet small enough to have a real community atmosphere.

Food is necessary for any living organisms in the world. All the hostels are equipped with modern kitchens and communal dinning facilities of varying sizes, where hygienic and delicious food is served which would be frequently revised according to the taste and preference of the students. Along with the hostel inmates the day scholars are also provided with lunch.

The college provides buses for the day-scholar student from the residential areas in Thiruvannamalai, Gingee, Villupuram, Tirukoyillur, Arani, Polur, Chengam & Thandrampattu.

Transport Services

The College has adequate buses which are made available to the students and the faculty members for commuting from various points in the town and also from the various towns like Gingee, Dinidivanam, Vellore, Chengam, Mel Chengam, Villupuram, Arani, Tirukovilur, Avalurpettai, Polur, Moongilthuraipattu, Mothakal,Vaippur to the campus and back. All students should make use of the college transport or should stay in the hostel. This facility has made it possible to start the classes in time and thereby helping the academic process. Our bus facilities have enabled us to maintain discipline among students.

All the buses reach the Campus before 8.05a.m., so that all the students and faculty can have their breakfast and get ready to attend the classes at 8.30a.m.

The buses leave the campus at 5.00p.m., which helps all the students to reach home early and safely.

For the benefit of those students who are attending special classes, using Internet facility, Library etc., special buses are arranged everyday which leave the campus at 5.45p.m.

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Health Services

The Health Service serves as a resource to the College Community to assist employees, students, and visitors in meeting their obligations towards health and safety. Professional staff can provide information on a wide range of workplace health and safety issues and can assess a variety of hazards in diverse settings and make recommendations to reduce or eliminate associated risks

Health Centre

The Health Centre here at Arunai Engineering College is well equipped. It has separate inpatient facility for male and female students. The health centre provides quality health care in a comfortable and confidential environment.

The health centre is manned by a medical officer and a healthcare assistant to provide excellent medical care to all the students, staff and faculty at no cost. The Medical Officer manages the various aspects of the facility. They provide quality health care to everyone, evaluates the quality of services, maintains the overall efficiency of the centre and decides the procedures to be followed in case of emergency. Also, vaccinations and yearly checks ups are done at this facility. In the future we look forward in expanding and bringing in high-tech medical equipments to serve better the students of our college.

ATM Service

A full-fledged Indian Bank is available in the campus. Cash deposit and Withdrawal had never been easier before. The Bank provides 24 hr ATM facility. Numerous students have account in this bank to perform their monetary services.

Post Office

A separate Government Post Office functions on campus that offers the latest Postal Services such as EMS & Speed Post Service. It has an eminent postal service supported by a fast delivery system.

Store Service

Students need not travel long to purchase things, instead they can buy and shop their day to day materials in the stationary shop inside the campus.

Communication Services

The residents enjoy excellent telecom service via telephone and the internet. Residents are linked to the outside world through BSNL. The residents have quick and easy access to the college Internet computer center as well as in the hostels. The whole campus is interconnected via high speed LANs & WI-FIs.

Extra-Curricular Activities

In addition to the academic programs, the students are encouraged to join in extra-curricular activities like sports, National Service and in cultural programs.

Sports are an important part of just about every society. every country, every part of our planet. The program engages students in studying biological and psychological influences of sport on the individual. The bottom line is that, physical activity is essential for students, as it builds self-confidence and can be an excellent group activity that fosters togetherness .

National Service Scheme, aims at arousing social consciousness of the youth with an overall objective of personality development of the students through community service. A camp of 10 days duration is conducted every year in an adopted village on specific theme. It would develop youth to bring fruits of education and technology to reach the weaker sections of the society. Such programs paves way for molding the minds of the students in serving the society.

Cultural activities is so important for student and it has a significant impact, as it teaches responsibility, discipline and teamwork. It has a significant impact, as it teaches responsibility discipline and teamwork . It promotes unity and understanding among students. The annual cultural extravaganza AECOFEST, serves a platform for the students talents to change their dreams into realities.

Our college has the Life Time Institutional Membership from the following Professional Societies

  • Indian Society for Technical Education(ISTE)

And student Membership from the following Professional Societies

  • Computer Society of India(CSI)
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

In-Plant Training

The students are encouraged to attend In-plant training in various reputed organizations for a period of about 15 days during the even semester vacation. The training under the guidance and supervision of the experts will help them to perceive practical knowledge. The training programmes bridges the gap between industry and institution

AEC Infrastructure