Technical Fest

Arunai Stem


Arunai STEM is the event initiated during this COVID-19 pandemic in the Arunai Engineering College, October 2020.

It is fabricated to bestow the poise platform for the young talents and emerging prowesses, to showcase and evolve themselves.

In this program, all the students of Arunai Engineering College can participate and share their knowledge among other students.

Through this, there will be a mutual understanding among the students and ever-lasting knowledge exploration.

The students will also be able to experience various real-world scenarios, which can uplift their self-confidence.


Uplift your Creativeness

To Think out-of-the-box

Enrich Uniqueness among talents

Showcasing your prowess

Exposure to the real world

To be & let others inspired


Real-World Exposure


Boosting Students Morale

Refine Talents

Healthy Cooperation


Interested students can contact the Coordinators.After slotting their schedules, the students will be informed regarding their participation.

Organizing Department

The department of Computer Science and Engineering plays a major role in bringing the "ARUNAI STEM" to each and every students of Arunai Engineering College . We act as a simple media in connecting students towards current trends regarding technology and their innovations. We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. This single drop gives self-confidence and act as biggest moral support for students in future progress.

Coordinator & Helpdesk Details

Dr.M.Jothish Kumar,
Head, Dept of CSE,
Arunai Engineering College,
Tiruvannamalai - 606603.

Click To Call : 9787074363

Faculty Helpdesk

Click To Call : 9994699124
Click To Call : 9486082199
Click To Call : 9865552783